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For Home Users and Micro Businesses

Technology Help and Advice

Free Chat

For new customers I offer a free 30 minute chat to talk through what it is you need help with, to make sure I can help you. Sometimes the problem is solved during this initial meeting!

Hourly Service

Home Technology Support

For business and home customers my standard hourly rate is £35 per hour. Please contact me by email or phone to arrange a mutually agreeable appointment time, or use the form below.

Please also use the form to get more details about my consultancy services for cyber security and 5G applications.

Business IT

Support Services

Email Based

IT Support

My email based service operates on a best effort basis – I aim to reply to you the next working day (or sooner). The fee for this is £12 per month per device and includes and annual device health check up.

Phone Based

IT Support

For those who are maybe worried about clicking on that “Yes – are you really sure” button, or want some help immediately, I offer an office hours telephone support service. So that I can plan my availability, you must register for this service before ringing me! Registration is £35 and then each call is £10. I reserve the right to limit the number of calls, as there is only one of me!

Password Management and Online Security


Do you often re-use passwords for different accounts or find passwords difficult to remember and so write them down in a book? I can help you with managing passwords and being safe online. The service is £5 per month with an initial device audit and discussion which is £45.

I will also periodically test you out, to keep you on your toes!

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