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Home Technology Support

Home Technology

Getting Digital Assistants like Alexa or Google Nest, smart lighting, security cameras or a smart TV to communicate and synchronise can sometimes be a challenge! Whether you just need some advice (perhaps on a new purchase), need some help with setting up or just want it all to work, I can help you with my Technolgy Support services!

Business ITS

Business Technology

If you are a small or micro business, then I can give you peace of mind. I will work to solve your problem – either in your office, or sometimes, so that I do not disturb you too much, I will configure and set up devices and technology away from your premises. PCs, printers, Wi-Fi and connectivity are all things I can help you with my Technology Support services.

Purchase and Set Up

Would you like to buy a new TV or home smart device, or perhaps you have been bought a device and would like to get help setting it up? I can help you buy the right equipment for you, saving you from pressurising salespeople. We can discuss your needs and then I will come back to you with a couple of suggestions, if OK, I can buy the equipment for you and then configure it and set it up in your home. If you are a small or micro business I can also help with IT equipment specification, purchase and software installation. I just charge for my time + the equipment cost and delivery charges.

Support Services

IT Support

Email Based

I offer an email based support service for all of your home or micro business technology which includes an annual health check up for your device; making sure your important data is backed up, passwords are secure and everything is as it should be. Fees for this service start at £12 per month per device.

IT Support

Phone Based

If you are worried about something online or want some immediate reassurance over something that doesn’t quite seem right to you, then this service is for you. I can provide immediate help and talk you through what you need to do, or explain how to overcome the problem you have. I will always try and answer the phone during office hours, but there is only one of me!


Password Management and Online Security

Are you worried about online security and scams? I am a trained SCAMChampion and have had cybersecurity training from one of the worlds leading suppliers. I can help you to stop using the same password again and again and teach you how to be more secure online. The service includes an occasional test for you to see how you are progressing!